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A tale of one person's journey to find something different in his life. Follow our protagonist as he makes his adventuring steps and embrace the open vast world in order to find a new meaning in his life. 

Meet various characters along the way, listens and experience new stories that he will find along the way. Its an open ended journey, all the pace and progression are freely decided and experienced in a different way along the way.


Hello everyone!

Thank you for visiting the Development Page! I just want to let you know that ill be soloing most of the aspect on this project, except probably for the music and some coding stuffs that will be made later (i obviously gonna need some serious help! lol).

Your visit and curiosity itself already give me more power to keep working on this single title that hopefully can be enjoyed by everyone all over the world.

All the devlogs going to be posted here, so stay tune for some lates updates on progress and advances that ive made to this project along the way!

Much Love,

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