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Update & News

Game Update - 20/03/2016

  • Added Splash Screen and Main Menu
  • Added Starting Narration
  • Added New Chapter Image
  • Change some Inventory Item Properties and Descriptions.

Game Update - 16/03/2016 (OLD)

  • Fixed the Book Puzzle (hint hint!)
  • Repaired some Hotspots for functionality and added some more!
  • Some Grammar Fixes (lol guys help me out with this one, my Engrish is terribre).

News - 20/03/2016

Just work on a couple more fixes and updates, hopefully can immerse the experience a little bit more.

About the Project

I started on this project in 2002 as a practice project. I developed this game using complex User Interfaces, Hand drawn detail cartoon graphics, full animations. And finally It took a lot of my time and I was forced to leave it unfinished. Time goes on, and thankfully, after years, I've been able to recover the original concept arts, story lines, and almost everything back! except for the old game master files. So now I'm trying to rework on it with a brand new approach, more simpler graphics, simple interfaces and hopefully pushing it harder on the story lines to make the game more easy and simple to enjoy.

About the Game

The name of the Game is Greenback. A Classic Point and Click Game following the story of one Hugo Greenback, the grandson of a late and renowned explorer Sir Richard Greenback. This episodic game, will take you travel and go on an Adventure with Hugo, and meet amazing people, searching for treasures, visit exotic places, from the top of a luxury dining place to the depth of a catacombs, the excitements and mysteries are yours!

Next, are the Screenshots and some Artworks from the game (Will be updated periodically when there's changes or new entries)

Progress Reports

These are periodic stats report on the developing progress based on finished percentages, if you need more information, feel free to let me know!

Greenback - Episode 1

Story Lines : 100%
Characters and Animations : 65%
Background Arts : 90%
Coding and Developing : 75% (This one definitely going to take a while XD)

Music: Underway
SFX: 60%
Voice Acting: 0%
Testing: 90%

Note : I will actively update the progress here from time to time, no matter how small, it will not missed the updates.


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possible bug: big chest buttons (other than the enter password/leave frame button)  are non-responsive.